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Cargo rout is a recognised and well established company operating in the transport industry. We are committed to building value added sustainable solutions that fit each of our customers needs.

We focus on personalised service and aim to surpass our own and our customers expectations.

It's with great pleasure that we invite you to navigate our new website, representing a step forward in our development and a new way of communicating between us and our clients.

Our services include: road transport, maritime transport, air transport, national distribution, storage, logistics, express service and border customs.

Air Service

Maritime Service

Road Service

Cargo Rout offers integrated and customized solutions and are experts in almost all European markets, with a team of qualified professionals, ensuring full planning and management of the transport operation by selecting the option that best meets the requirements of each shipment, including transit times and more competitive rates.

Service in trucks and vans, complete and partial, deliveries right to your door step or to your destination.


Bi-weekly export and import services in refrigerated trucks, long distance haulage, national distribution service with deliveries between 24 and 48 hours.

Cargo Rout offers integrated and customized solutions.

We guarantee a well-structured operation and a diverse range of options resulting from the creativity and experience of our team. Ensuring full coordination of the transport by selecting the option that best meets the requirements of each shipment at the most competitive rate throughout.


Express, Regular Service, Economy, Commodity insurance, Collections and Delivery, tracking the shipments all the way to arrival.

Cargo Rout offers integrated and customized solutions.

In current times, customers need to know every possible way of sending their goods, so it is of the utmost importance to know other reliable routes to reduce transit times and offer more competitive rates. We oversee every phase of international transportations.



Bulk, Consolidations, containers 20 ', 40' and 45 ', pickups and deliveries, monitoring from collection to delivery.

Cargo Rout offers integrated and customized solutions, always alert to the needs of each individual client, offering express services for export, import and domestic delivery, ensuring full monitoring of transport and selecting the option that best meets the requirements of each shipment.


Express vans, urgent national and international pickups and deliveries and protocol service.

Express Service



You can see the countries and provinces that we work with right now on below.


Canada, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil.



Portugal, Portuguese Islands (Azores, Madeira), Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Spain (Madrid, BCL, Corunna), Ibiza, Canary islands, France, Denmark, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Czech Rep., Hungary, Lithuania.






Angola, Mozambique, Tunisia, Morocco



India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Qatar.

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